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  1. questionXtreamer Download "Bible"
    Dear All, because the community and the entire Xtreamer portal have grown so much in the last several months we occasionally get complains that people have problems to find some program or a utility. This is why we decided to create this thread with all the links to firmware, software and most ...
  2. questionXtreamer. Fisrt Steps
    You just got an Xtreamer Media Player. Congratulations! The Xtreamer Media Player is a state-of-the-art integrated digital entertainment system that allows you to watch, store and share digital content on your home network.It is based on an integrated video processor, used to play various med ...
  3. questioneTRAYz First Steps
    You just got an eTRAYz Personal Web Server & Storage. Congratulations! The Xtreamer eTRAYz is an ultra compact Giga lan based 2-Bay NAS solution specifically designed and optimized for local HD streaming over LAN. It can serve you even wirelessly as a personal web server in which you will be ...
  4. question-Getting Started-
    Welcome to Xtreamer.net! Xtreamer Site On the Xtreamer site you can find information on various Xtreamer products, our company, links to the latest software and firmware updates, screenshots and much more. Please be sure to explore the links on the bottom of the page. Xtreamer Knowledge Base I ...
  5. questionXtreamer Policies
    Please refer to these articles for: Xtreamer.net site terms of use Privacy Policy Xtreamer Warranty Warranty Limitations Customs, Duties and Taxes Sales and Refunds Policy