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  1. questionStand-Alone Volume Mode in e-TRAYz
    See file attached.
  2. questioneTRAYz Firmware Installation Guide
    See file attached. Thanks to Mercury17 for writing this guide.
  3. questioneTRAYz Disk and Volume Management
    See file attached.
  4. questioneTRAYz Setup Wizard Guide
    See file attached.
  5. questione-TRAYz freeze once in a while
    Please fill up the attach form and send it to support@xtreamer.net with the subject "e-TRAYz freeze once in a while".
  6. questionBasic Troubleshooting FAQ II
    Trouble Shooting Under no circumstances should you try to repair the system yourself, as this will invalidate the warranty. Do not open the system as there is a risk of electric shock. If a fault occurs, first check the points listed below before taking the system for repair. 1) In case Xtrea ...
  7. questioneTRAYz Printer Guide
  8. questionTransmission Guide
  9. questionGramophone Quick Guide
  10. questioneTRAYz won't shut down when pressing the off button
    If you can't turn eTRAYz off by the power switch, pull the power cord. Wait until disc spin down has finished, open your eTRAYz and switch the drives (Disc A to connector B and B to A). Then re-connect the power cord.
  11. questionInstalling second hard drive
    1 Switch e-TRAYz off and mount the 2nd drive. 2 Login the web GUI. 3 Go to Settings -> System -> Disk 4 Click 'Configuration change ' 4.1 If you change the position of the first hard drive you'll have to reinstall software (loose data) and operating system. 4.2 If you "add" a 2nd har ...
  12. questioniTunes is unable to connect to eTRAYz ‘’The shared library eTRAYz doesn't respond. (-3260)’’
    Network issues iTunes is unable to connect to eTRAYz ‘’The shared library eTRAYz doesn't respond. (-3260)’’ This happens when itunes server port is not opened. Check the itunes port with utilities like "nmap". nmap needs IP address of a system and show all accessible ports the system. If it ...
  13. questioneTRAYz Software Installation issues
    Software installation 1 Finding e-TRAYz by dedicated software 1.1 When you can login to the e-TRAYz home webpage: 1.1.1 Login to the e-TRAYz Webpage using the sysadmin ID. 1.1.2 Go to "Setting>System>Reset", choose "Factory Reset" option and click "Apply" button. 1.1.3 ...
  14. questione-Connector interrupts network connections on windows XP
    Symptoms: After installing e-Connector (1.0.0) network connection doesn’t work anymore. After rebooting the device you don’t receive IP address. Repairing the connection fails. Repluging the jack doesn’t help. Deactivating network reactivation fails. After uninstalling e-connector netw ...
  15. questioneConnector network password failure
    1 Start the MMC with the snapin for the local group policy 2 Under computer configuration\windows settings\security settings\local poliys\security options\network security:lan manager authentication level\ 3 change the option to send lm &ntlm
  16. questionUnable to synchronize folders from e-TRAYz to a computer using SyncFolder
    The program is currently syncing folders only between two e-TRAYz devices. In the future syncing will be available between e-TRAYz and computers.
  17. questionUnable to run a website
    Port forward "outside" port 80 to "inside" port 8000 of the e-TRAYz and you will be able to access your website from the outside using "me.myetrayz.net" address.
  18. question"Cannot connect server"
    After shutting down e-TRAYz for the first time a “cannot connect server” massage appears when trying to connect to e-TRAYz. 1 Put HDD in Bay B. 2 Restart.
  19. questionCan’t rename/delete/move files with SSH due to permissions restrictions
    After attaching a USB disk to the USB connector and copying data by SSH a user cannot rename, delete or move files and\or folder inside /home/Public/Series/ Login to the e-TRAYz web GUI and click the e-TRAYz Web button. It will allow you to manage your files.
  20. questionSudo
    In Official V1.0 software release sysadmin account cannot use sudo command. Instead, login as "root" using the same password as your sysadmin account.
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