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All you wanted to know about the XtreamerPro
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  1. questionXtreamerPro Specs
    Front View (open/closed): Rear View: Connectivity WIFI UPnP SSDP UPnP AV NTFS NFS eSATA USB 2.0 (Salve + Host) Storage Capacity 2X SATA 2 3.5" HDD ( unit can be used with one hard disk only or even without an HDD) Up to total of 4 TB internally plus external storage devices via two USB ...
  2. questionXtreamerPro. What is going to be in the box?
    Xtreamer PRO(HDD not included) 100~240V Power Adapter 1.5M length HDMI cable (optional) WiFi 802.11n USB Antenna (optional) Audio & Video Cables Infra-Red Remote Control with 2 "AAA" batteries Full power down, standby and power up by remote control USB Slave cable Quick start guide
  3. question12 reasons to buy the XTreamerPro
    (1) The Xtreamer (both Pro and the current model) supports VP6 Codec and therefore allows HD streaming Internet IPTV from various predefined and custom RSS sources. (2) The Xtreamer will support unique connectivity to bluetooth and dedicated high quality wireless headsets specially desig ...
  4. questionWhat is the Automatic Turn-On function?
    Additional enhancement we added to the XtreamerPro is the Automatic Turn On function that kicks in when USB 2.0 or eSATA are used and the device is connected to a PC. The idea was to allow you an easy handling of copying files from your PC environment to the media streamer without neces ...
  5. questionCan I use the XtreamerPro with one HDD only?
    Yes. You will be able to use the XtreamerPro with one HDD only. The ability to have a massive storage of up to 4TB may be found appealing to many multimedia enthusiasts who tend to store huge collection of their videos music and pictures . The little switch button in its back will allow you ...
  6. questionWhy did you add an extra chipset?
    We understand the limitations of the RTL chipset in handling the task of copying files to the internal HDD in the maximum capacity of the USB 2.0 specs. This is a drawback all RTL based device share. But we understand how important is the task of copying files from and to your player and tha ...
  7. questionHow will XtreamerPro GUI look like?
  8. questionXtreamerPro vs Xtreamer
  9. questionWasn't DTS 7.1 CH promised in the current model?
    We deeply regret but unfortunately we have no choice. Each of your devices has a designated unique mac address number and its own serial number. All of them were reported to our licensors. As much as we tried we could not get a license for our current Xtreamer model from DTS Labs because as ...
  10. questionWhat do you mean by dedicated storage controller ?
    The Xtreamer Pro was developed after long research and experience with the limitations of RTL 1283 platform to provide a fast ability to copy files to and from the device. Copying a HD movie to the internal HDD even through a USB 2.0 will provide not more than 20-30 Mbps at optimum environ ...
  11. questionCan I use the XtreamerPro as backup Solution?
    The Xtreamer Pro can store internally 2 SATA 3.5” HDD to a total of upto 4 TB. When the device is connected to a PC with USB cable to its eSATA port of to its USB 2.0 Slave port it will serve you as any other USB storage solution. You will be able to use it a a backup device for all your pu ...
  12. questionWill the XtreamerPro support NTFS Read/Write ?
    Yes. The Xtreamer will allow you to copy/rename/delete and move files stored in its internal HDD that has been formatted to NTFS partition.
  13. questionDoes the Xtreamer Pro supports firmware upgrades ?
    Yes. It is fully Firmware Upgradable. We hope soon we will be able to move to full deployment of CDN servers so as to allow online based updating system. The device is expected to be supplemented with more features. Those will become available for free download from time to time on our ma ...
  14. questionCan I access the XtreamerPro from the internet ?
    Yes, if you setup DDNS via the XtreamerPro Web GUI. You can assign your XtreamerPro a friendly name and login to it from the internet by simply typing on web browser yourname.myxtreamer.net
  15. questionCan the XtreamerPro support 7.1 CH audio passthrough ?
    Modern home theater environments may be supplemented with very capable yet very expensive audio home theater receiver that is able to handle up to 7.1 audio channels. These receivers enable usage of 2 additional presence speakers (usually mounted above the front R\L speaker ) and can delive ...
  16. questionDoes the Xtreamer Pro supports UPnP, SMB and NFS?
    A. Yes. The device supports both UPnP and SMB as well as NFS and was optimized for media playback in general and for HD 1080p playback in particular.
  17. questionIs an HDMI cable is provided with the Xtreamer Pro?
  18. questionI dont have an eSATA port in PC can i still enjoy its power ?
    Yes. We provided in the box a free SATA cable and additional PC bracket that you can install in your PC to allow you the full benefit of eSATA port and speed with the XtreamerPro. With this connection you can achieve upto 300mbps transfer rate.
  19. questionIs the XtreamerPro multilingual ?
    Yes. It currently supports 30 languages in full graphical interface, subtitles and localized on screen display. please refer the official specs for full list. We will add more languages with the help of our community in case needed .
  20. questionDoes the XtreamerPro have a web interface?
    Yes. You will be able to access and manage your Xtreamer Pro via your normal file explorer of your OS or via a web browser by Windows-style user's interface and advanced features including setting its DDnS name, multiple files upload and download that is oriented to ease of use to non power ...
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