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Ver 3 firmware releases for SideWinder 2

Under no circumstances please do not try to install the ver 3. firmware on on another device. You will wreck your player and void the warranty.

Ver 3.0.8

1. New: Online Scraper for Movies.
2. New: Download Movies Subtitle.
3. Fixed: Thai subtitle.
4. Fixed: Airplay on iOS5.
5. Fixed: Disable ScreenSave on Xtreamering.
6. Fixed: If user press "Play" button on the folder, Xtreamer play all of sub-folder(Limit of depth: 5).
7. Fixed: Network Shares in Favorites.
8. Fixed: Incorrect display viewer in History category.
9. Removed: Information function and Icon on Setup Menu.
10. Function menu changes.


Ver 3.0.7

- Fixed: Photo slideshow.
- Improved: When select Media Source->DVD(external ODD), display to select popup window which is whether Browser or Play.
- Fixed: Change Icon for invalid photo file in photo thumbnail viewer.
- Changed: External DVD auto play is disabled before enabled.


Ver 3.0.6

- Fixed: DTS 7.1 ch.
- Fixed: Some of movie files don't output sound and stop playback.


Ver 3.0.5

- Fixed: crash system after changing OSD language.


Ver 3.0.4

- 1. Network information and UI bug.
- 2. Multiplex display incorrectly and improved speed.
- 3. NAS mode fixed
- 4. DVD backup function.
- 5. UI sound.

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