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First of all, please remember that Xtreamer media players are not computers. We cannot possibly install all the plug-ins available on regular browsers so some features will be limited.
However the development will continue as will our attempts to enhance your Internet experience on our players.

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When you choose Web Browser in the main menu the list of  Bookmarks will open. Press LEFT or RIGHT to navigate and ENTER to load.

When viewing web pages you have two options - Page mode or Navigation mode. You can switch between the two of them using RED button.

When using Page mode you can move up, down, left and right using the CURSOR buttons. This mode is essentially used for reading.

Navigation mode allows you to pick links, check boxes, text areas etc. You can follow links, search the Web or enter personal information to login.

Pressing FUNCTION key takes you to the browsing options menu.

Press ENTER to type in an URL.

The left column on the virtual keyboard screen is used to store the latest Web addresses and logins.

GREEN button takes you to the Bookmarks list.

You can also use the CURSOR keys to navigate - encryption options, text zoom, previous or next page, reload, stop.

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