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The screen in Android section is "too big"

The Prodigy has a "Screen Size" option that needs to be configured...

You need to go to: Settings -> System Configuration - Enter -> Screen Size - Enter. Then use the "arrow buttons" to increase or decrease the screen size.

Then, go-to the "Video" option, then "Aspect Ratio" and select the correct screen size for your TV, ie: 16:9 (if you have a 16:9 TV). And re-boot for good measure!

Provided your TV's over-scan is off and your Prodigy has been correctly set-up for your TV. And the media you are playing has been correctly encoded, the occasions when you would need to adjust anything else should be very rare...

PLEASE NOTE: The term "Overscan" (or over-scan) differs from one TV manufacturer to another. So look out for options such as: "Fit Screen", "Fit to Screen", "Just Fit", "Just Scan", "Native"...

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2nd of April, 2012

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