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AirStream - Host your MAC / PC on your Xtreamer device

AirStream is a unique application which allows you to access your Windows and MAC computers on your Android device from all over the world using WiFi or mobile networks. You can stream movies, music, photos and files from your Computer & Cloud services on your Xtreamer.
With AirStream it is absolute fun sharing media & accessing files from PC on your Xtreamer - imagine able to access GB's of videos, photos, music and files from your PC or laptop instantly.
AirStream also provides access to multiple cloud apps like Dropbox & Google Drive. 

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PC-Support: AirStream supports PC, MAC or Linux computers.

To use AirStream, install the Desktop Client for PC, Mac & Windows from here - http://airstream.io/download/

With AirStream you can forget the word "Sync" - all the data you need is accessible instantly and conveniently!

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• Stream Movies and Music.
• Create music playlist for music stored in your computers
• Copy files from PC to your Xtreamer devices without the hassle of wires
• Automatically connects to computers in your network - support for Windows, Mac & Linux
• Restrict access to your Personal files from PC

PLEASE NOTE: For AirStream to work please install AirStream-Suite on your computer from here: http://airstream.io/download/
Download and install the PC Suit on your PC.
Register and login - same credentials are used on both: your computer and your Xtreamer device.
Make sure to create a firewall exception for AirStream on your computer.

That's it - now you have access to all your computer files and all your cloud storage! You can sit down and enjoy your movies and music.

AirStream on Google Play Store: https://play.google....airstream&hl=en
AirStream site: http://airstream.io/

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