Xtreamer Support System

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Welcome to Xtreamer.net!

Xtreamer Site

On the Xtreamer site you can find information on various Xtreamer products, our company, links to the latest software and firmware updates, screenshots and much more.
Please be sure to explore the links on the bottom of the page.

Xtreamer Knowledge Base

If you have questions, you are in the right place. The Xtreamer Knowledge Base was created and is being maintained in order for the Xtreamer customers to find answers to their questions. Here you can find articles on various Xtreamer products, our policiesdelivery, payment, orders  troubleshooting guides etc.
Feel free to browse the categories and remember that our Knowledge Base is fully searchable.

Xtreamer Forum

Of course we cannot anticipate every question and every problem you might encounter. This is why we are also maintaining the Official Xtreamer Forum. It's a vibrant and fast growing community where you can interact with fellow Xtreamer-enthusiasts and receive answers from more experienced forum users.
If you want to be up to date with the latest Xtreamer developments and be one of the first to hear our official announcements - please register.

Please use Search option before opening a new forum topic since someone might have already posted your question and received an answer.

Forum rules also require you to post your questions in relevant forum sections:

General Discussion is for general Xtreamer topics only.
If you have a technical problem - post in Technical Issues section.
If you have some issues with your order or delivery - post in Shipments & Orders section.
If you have a suggestion for the future of Xtreamer products - there is a Feature Requests section.
If you want to talk about some non-Xtreamer stuff - we have Off Topic section.

Posts in wrong sections or multiple post will be MOVED, MERGED or DELETED.

And please read forum rules.

Xtreamer Customer Service

And of course you can also contact the Xtreamer team.
Our customer service is glad to help you if you are unable to find general information such as prices and delivery options on the publisher's Web site.

Click on "Contact" at the bottom of this page to go to our contact form. Make the appropriate pre-selection for your question. The message will then be forwarded to the appropriate customer service department and answered as quickly as possible.

Please have your questions in English .

Thank you and have fun with Xtreamer.

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