Xtreamer Support System

Xtreamer 2,5" media player FAQ

1. What is Xtreamer?
The Xtreamer  is a state-of-the-art integrated digital entertainment system that allows you to watch, store and share digital content on your home network. With a built-in Digital Media Player

A portable multimedia player (PMP), is a consumer electronics device that is capable of storing and playing digital media. Digital audio players (DAP) that can also display images and play videos are PMPs. Like DAPs, the data is typically stored on a hard drive, microdrive, or flash memory. Other types of electronic devices like cellphones are sometimes referred as PMPs because of their playback capabilities.'); return false">Media Player, the XTREAMER  allows for seamless integration between your digital media and your entertainment system. An optional hard disk drive also gives the end user the ability to download content from the Internet and store it in the XTREAMER  to watch at their leisure.

The Xtreamer is a media player based on an integrated video processor. 
It is used to play various media files, video and audio, through your home entertainment system.
It has a network port that connects it to your network and you can fit a hard drive to store your files as it can serve as your 2.5" HDD

A hard disk drive (often shortened as hard disk, hard drive, or HDD) is a non-volatile storage device that stores digitally encoded data on rapidly rotating platters with magnetic surfaces.'); return false">HDD enclosure.

2. How does Xtreamer works?
The Xtreamer works by playing your desired media file media from avi

Known by its acronym AVI, is a multimedia container format introduced by Microsoft in November 1992 as part of its Video for Windows technology. AVI files can contain both audio and video data in a file container that allows synchronous audio-with-video playback.
Like the DVD video format, AVI files support multiple streaming audio and video, although these features are seldom used. Most AVI files also use the file format extensions developed by the Matrox OpenDML group in February 1996. These files are supported by Microsoft, and are unofficially called " avi="" 2.0="" .="" );="" return="" false="">avi (DivX

DivX is a brand name of products created by DivX, Inc. (formerly DivXNetworks, Inc.), including the DivX Codec which has become popular due to its ability to compress lengthy video segments into small sizes while maintaining relatively high visual quality. The DivX codec uses lossy MPEG-4 Part 2 compression, where quality is balanced against file size for utility. It is one of several codecs commonly associated with " ripping="" ,="" whereby="" audio="" video="" multimedia="" are="" transferred="" to="" a="" hard="" disk="" and="" transcoded.="" );="" return="" false="">DivX, Xvid

Xvid (formerly " xvid="" )="" is="" a="" video="" codec="" library="" following="" the="" standard,="" specifically="" mpeg-4="" part="" 2="" advanced="" simple="" profile="" (asp).="" it="" uses="" asp="" features="" such="" as="" b-frames,="" global="" quarter="" pixel="" motion="" compensation,="" lumi="" masking,="" trellis="" quantization,="" h.263,="" mpeg="" and="" custom="" quantization="" matrices.="" );="" return="" false="">Xvid), mkv

The Matroska Multimedia Container is an open standard free container format, a file format that can hold an unlimited number of video, audio, picture or subtitle tracks inside a single file.[1] It is intended to serve as a universal format for storing common multimedia content, like movies or TV shows. Matroska is similar in conception to other containers like AVI, MP4 or ASF, but is entirely open in specification, with implementations consisting mostly of open source software. Matroska file types are .MKV for video (with subtitles and audio), .MKA for audio-only files and .MKS for subtitles only. The most common use of .MKV files is to store HD video files.'); return false">mkv, mpeg1

MPEG-1 is a standard for lossy compression of video and audio. It is designed to compress VHS-quality raw digital video and CD audio down to 1.5 Mbit/s (26:1 and 6:1 compression ratios respectively) without excessive quality loss, making Video CDs, digital cable/satellite TV and digital audio broadcasting (DAB) possible.'); return false">mpeg1, mpeg2

MPEG-2 is a standard for " the="" generic="" coding="" moving="" pictures="" associated="" information="" .="" it="" describes="" a="" combination="" video="" lossy="" audio="" data="" compression="" methods="" which="" permit="" of="" movies="" using="" currently="" available="" storage="" media="" and="" transmission="" bandwidth.="" );="" return="" false="">mpeg2, mpeg4

MPEG-4 absorbs many of the features of MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 and other related standards, adding new features such as (extended) VRML support for 3D rendering, object-oriented composite files (including audio, video and VRML objects), support for externally-specified Digital Rights Management and various types of interactivity. AAC (Advanced Audio Codec) was standardized as an adjunct to MPEG-2 (as Part 7) before MPEG-4 was issued.'); return false">mpeg4,WMV9

Windows Media Video (WMV) is a compressed video file format for several proprietary codecs developed by Microsoft.'); return false">WMV9-HD

HD or High-definition refers to an increase in display or visual resolution.'); return false">HD, MOV

The QuickTime (.mov) file format functions as a multimedia container file that contains one or more tracks, each of which stores a particular type of data: audio, video, effects, or text (e.g. for subtitles). Each track either contains a digitally-encoded media stream (using a specific codec) or a data reference to the media stream located in another file.'); return false">MOV content and a lot more. You won't need a BluRay player to enjoy Hi-Def as the Xtreamer can play files up to 1080p quality.

3. What do I need to keep it running? Any software?
Nothing, Xtreamer comes with all the necessary software to play your media.

4. Do I need to install an internal hard disk in order to use Xtreamer?

1) No, you can stream movies/music/pictures from your PC or NAS

A Network Access Server (NAS) is a single point of access to a remote resource.
The NAS is meant to act as a gateway to guard access to a protected resource. This can be anything from a telephone network, to printers, to the Internet.
The client connects to the NAS. The NAS then connects to another resource asking whether the client\'s supplied credentials are valid. Based on that answer the NAS then allows or disallows access to the protected resource.

The NAS contains no information about what clients can connect or what credentials are valid. All the NAS does is send the credentials the client supplied to a resource which does know how to process the credentials.'); return false">NAS (network attached storage).
2) You can attach an external USB storage device which contains the media (Flash drive, external hard disk)

5. Is it plug and play?
Yes. Firmware has been updated (at the time of your purchase) to best run your system. All you have to do is plug in your TV (or home theater), copy your media into the hard drive (should you wish to install one) or plug in a thumb drive and play.

6. What applications does it have?
There is a full range of Internet Services you can  access from you Xtreamer and new features are being added all the time.

 Can I surf the web?
No you can not, .Soc devices are still far from being able to offer satisfactory web surfing experience. You will however be able to watch live content from various online providers in enhanced quality.

8. How big is the storage space?
The storage space will depend on the size of the hard disk you wish to install.

9. What if I want to burn the movies/series I downloaded, how does it work?
You can install an external DVD burner thru the USB or you can plug the Xtreamer into your home network and burn your desired file thru your PC.

10. Do I need to have an HDTV to play it or any other TV will do?
No, an ordinary TV will do just fine. To enjoy full 1080P HD media, you will need an HDTV. 

 I already have a PC why should I still buy this one?
Your motherboard / videocard has to have hardware accelerated video engine like PureVideo (nvidia) in order to play HD contents.
Even with the hardware right your PC also has to be configured to play HD with the right codecs, decoders and software.
Then there's the issue of power consumption. A properly configured PC for HD playback, most popularly known as Home Theater PC or HTPC, most often then not comes with a thirsty 550W power supply

Save yourself the hassle of multiple codecs and hard to understand shareware decoders and software. Watch your HD movies with the 30W power Xtreamer.

 I already have a DVD Player with USB Port (divx) why should I buy this one?
Your DVD player is only limited to play standard definition movies (SD) and not HD. Most often then not it can only play short *.avi DivX files.
the Xtreamer can play a number of file formats and infinite length movies.

 What's the difference between a 2.5"/3.5" external hard disk media player and the Xtreamer?
Like the DVD player with USB (divx) support in the previous question, the external hard disk media player is only limited to play standard definition movies (SD). The Xtreamer  can play high definition movies (HD) as well as SD and a number of other file formats.

 Why should I buy a Xtreamer and not a HTPC, XBOX Media Center, PS3, Mediagate or NMT Popcorn hour or DviCo TViX?
The Xtreamer can play almost any file, it's small, it doesn't take much power it is cheap and it is quiet. You can even view your pictures or play your favorite music.
The Xbox makes lots of noise with it's fan's and doesn't play HD files.
A HTPC will play almost everything, has a sleeker user interface but most of the time are noisy, bulky (well at least not as small as the Xtreamer), expensive (P25,000 at least) and use more power.
Mediagate and DviCo TviX that are sold here doesn't support any HD files, doesn't have a true powerful wireless solution and other features like youtube, Picasa and a lot more.

New player are being released all the time but we believe that our philosophy of providing an affordable quality player will help us to satisfy you.

18. Why should I buy a Xtreamer and not a WD TV device?
The Xtreamer offers you everything that WD offers with 3 main extras
It is cheaper than the WD, the Xtreamer has 2.5" HDD slot so it serves as an  external hardisc enclosure and it has Lan

A local area network (LAN) is a computer network covering a small physical area, like a home, office, or small group of buildings, such as a school, or an airport. The defining characteristics of LANs, in contrast to wide-area networks (WANs), include their usually higher data-transfer rates, smaller geographic place, and lack of a need for leased telecommunication lines.'); return false">Lan/Wireless connectivity from factor (10/100 and 802.11n

IEEE 802.11n-2009 is an amendment to the IEEE 802.11-2007 wireless networking standard to improve network throughput over previous standards, such as 802.11b and 802.11g, with a significant increase in the maximum raw OSI physical layer (PHY) data rate from 54 Mbit/s to a maximum of 600 Mbit/s.'); return false">802.11n). The Xtreamer offers FLV

Flash Video is a container file format used to deliver video over the Internet using Adobe Flash Player (initially produced by Macromedia) versions 6–10. Flash Video content may also be embedded within SWF files. There are two different video file formats defined by Adobe Systems and supported in Adobe Flash Player: FLV and F4V. '); return false">FLV support for many Web streaming content and it has better subtitles support.

19. Why should I buy a Xtreamer and not a NMT (popcornhour) device?
The Xtreamer support all file format that NMT offers with 3 main extras
It is cheaper than any NMT, the Xtreamer is built from factor as wireless network device and this application is is truly stable in Xtreamer. If you are tired of of tweaking and playing around with the machine and you're your movies in a stable slick machines the Xtreamer is the right device for you .
The Xtreamer offers FLV support for many Web streaming content and it has better subtitles and picture support. Instead of have many "nice to have" features that not really works the Xtreamer deliver the promise of stable solid media streamer in a cheap price.

 I don't have any High definition movies where can I get this?
We can give you a number of legal movie and tv show downloader sites which are really fast.

 Why should I download HD movies when I already have divx movies?
Watching the same movie in HD can give you a better exhilarating experience. We're pretty confident that after watching a movie in HD, you may not want to go back to low quality divx movies or DVD movies.

 What is the warranty? Where did you source the Xtreamer units?
We source the units directly from Unicorn technology's office in Korea. Our units come with a 1 month replacement and 1 yr service warranty and of course customer support if you need any help.

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