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Ordering Xtreamer Products

How can I order through your customer service?

Please note that online ordering is automated and therefore much faster than placing an order by fax, e-mail, or phone because you are not limited by our business hours.

If you still prefer to order through our customer service, then please submit the following information:

  • The product name and, if known, the product ID number
  • The number of units you wish to order
  • The name to which the product should be licensed
  • Your billing address and, if applicable, delivery address
  • Contact name, phone number and (if available) fax number
  • The e-mail address for the order confirmation and invoice and, if different, the e-mail address for delivery
  • The currency you would like to order in (if applicable)

If this information is complete, our customer service will be able to process your order without delay.

How can I order online as a new customer?

Please be sure to carefully fill out all personal information fields in the order form.

It is especially important to enter the correct e-mail address because all important information regarding your order, your receipt, and generally the product you ordered itself, will be sent to this e-mail address. We recommend carefully entering the address twice to avoid any errors and to avoid delays in processing your order.

Lastly, please select your payment type and currency, and confirm all entries by clicking on "Next". On the next page, you can recheck your information and make any necessary corrections.

Click on "Order" to submit your order. You will then see a final order confirmation page.

You can print out your own invoice. Click on "Print Invoice Version" in the lower left corner of the page. A copy of this receipt will automatically be e-mailed to you together with your order confirmation.

How do I order online as a returning customer?

When you placed your first order via Xtreamer.net systems, a customer account was automatically created for you. For this customer account, your log in consists of a user ID and your password, with your predefined user ID being derived from your e-mail address.

Generally, you select your own password when you decide to create a customer account. If you are not offered this option during the order process, we still create a customer account and generate a password for you. You can reset your password at any time by clicking on "Request your log in" in the Customer Care Center.

When you return to Xtreamer.net online webstore to place an order, you will generally be asked for your log in at the beginning of the order process. Once you enter your user ID and password, our system will recognize you, and you will be able to view and/or correct your personal data directly, which will speed up your order process.

Cancel Orders or Items

You may be able cancel an item or an entire order online, provided the item(s) in your order have not been prepared for shipment, or have not shipped.

Go to online Order Status, and select to view the order details of the order containing the item(s) you want to cancel. From the Order Details page, you can click the "Cancel items" link at the shopping Cart.

If you are not sure whether your items have been shipped please contact  Mvix Sales Support
Items in your order will be divided into items that are eligible for cancellation online and items you cannot cancel. For each item that you can cancel online, you will need to select the item and a reason for cancellation. Once you've submitted your cancellation, we'll send an email with your cancellation details. You can also view your cancellation on the order details page of the order containing your cancelled item(s) – the status of the items will read "Cancelled". You will not be billed for these items.

If you are unable to cancel item(s) online and need to make a return, please review the Returns & Refunds section of online Help.

Check Order Status

Need to check on or change an order? See how you can modify or cancel items, edit your shipping or email address, track a shipment, print an invoice, and more.
It's easy to check the status of your order!
Obtain from us by email your Package tracking Number
As soon as your item(s) have shipped, we'll send you a Shipment Notification email that includes the carrier's name and a tracking number, if available. You can also view this information by signing in to online. Just visit online UPS Tracking page and provide the package number we provided you by email to get a summary of orders placed in the past 18 months. You'll see your order number, the date and time the order was placed, the status of the order, estimated shipping and delivery dates, the shipping method, and package tracking information for items that have shipped. If you choose to view the order details of an order, you'll see additional information including any gift messaging, product engraving, product customization, and more.

Order status messages

Commonly used order statuses include:

  • Pending- We've received your order and are processing it. If you need to cancel or change items in your order, read the Cancel Items or Order or the Modify Items sections of online Help below.
  • Processing- Your items have already been prepared for shipment and cannot be changed online or by our customer service department. We'll send you an email when your item(s) have shipped.
  • Shipped- We've shipped your order using the shipping method you selected.

View or Print Invoice

You'll be able to view and print invoices for your item(s) shortly after they have shipped.

To view or print your invoice, sign in to online Order Status and select to view the order details for the order containing the item(s) for which you want an invoice. Click the "Print all invoices" link on the Order Details page to get a printable image of your invoice(s). You can also select to print individual invoices for a particular shipment.
To recieve your Invoice please contact us

Xtreamer policies - http://shop.xtreamer.net/Support/questions/706/Xtreamer+Policies

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