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e-TRAYz installation issues

If during the installation you cannot find e-TRAYz on your network you have several options:

1. When you can login to e-TRAYz webpage.
1) Login to eTRAYz Webpage with sysadmin ID.
2) Go to "Setting>System>Reset", choose "Factory Reset" option and push "Apply" button.
3) And then try to install e-TRAYz with installer

2. When you cannot login to e-TRAYz webpage
1) Powerdown eTRAYz
2) Push "Reset Button"on the back side of eTRAYz hardware, and Power-On, Concurrently.
3) The USB LED will blink when booting(ramdisk mode) finished.
4) And then try to install e-TRAYz with installer.

3. When "1", "2" are not working.
1) Remove the HDDs from e-TRAYz.
2) Connect the HDDs to your PC and Format the HDDs
3) Remove the HDDs from PC and Insert the HDDs into e-TRAYz.
4) Boot e-TRAYz
5) And then try to install e-TRAYz with installer.

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15th of December, 2009

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