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FTP setup

I. [Turn on your TV and Xtreamer. Enter Xtreamer menu:]

1. Setup > Application > FTP,WEB OFF/ON (switch it OFF, then turn it back ON) just to reset the settings.

2. Established Network Connection - Wired or Wireless.

II. [On Xtreamer web interface]

1. Open Xtreamer WEB interface through Web browser using your local network computer > navigate to your local Xtreamer IP (for example http://192.168.1.*:80  - default port 80)

2. If you haven't set password on your web access, Click Setup > Login > Enable use login option, type in your [username], [password] > Apply.

3. Click Setup > DDNS > specify [your DDNS name].myxtreamer.net:80 > click REGISTER.

4. Click Setup > HTTP > set your http port [HTTP Port] mine set to default 80, Apply.

5. Click Setup > FTP > set your ftp port [FTP Port] mine set to default 21, Apply.

III. [On your router firewall/virtual server settings]

1. Enter your router settings to setup Port Forwarding or Virtual server.

2. Add two rules:
> Xtreamer FTP [Xtreamer IP] Both 21/21 always
> Xtreamer HTTP 192.168.1.* [Xtreamer IP] TCP 80/80 always

IV. [Acessing your Xtreamer from the internet]

1. Turn on Xtreamer

2. From HTTP: open your web browser: http://[your DDNS name].myxtreamer.net:80, enter your [password] n you're greeted with Xtreamer web interface.

3. From FTP: using an FTP client: set address to [your DDNS name].myxtreamer.net, Port to 21, set [username] and [password] case sensitive.

[Known Issues]

1. Password / user name is denied while trying to access xtreamer from outside network:
- Try to set your [username] and [password] to all lowercase.

2. Unable to connect to 192.168.1.* (Xtreamer address):
- You forgot to enable WEB interface / DHCP IP (AUTO) was selected on LAN connection causing Xtreamer to change local IP (read I. 2)

3. How to access Xtreamer locally for trouble shooting purposes:
- From http, open your web browser and point to Http://192.168.1.*:80 (assuming default Xtreamer address).
- From ftp, open your filezilla/FTP client: set address to 192.168.1.*, Port 21, set [username] and [password] case sensitive.

4. When I point my web browser to open ftp://ftp.[your DDNS name].myxtreamer.net:21/ it failed.
- Do not use web browser to access the FTP, use FTP client such as Filezilla.

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