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You just got an Xtreamer Media Player. Congratulations!

The Xtreamer  Media Player is a state-of-the-art integrated digital entertainment system that allows you to watch, store and share digital content on your home network.It is based on an integrated video processor, used to play various media files, video and audio, through your home entertainment system. 

It has a network port that connects it to your network and you can fit a hard drive to store your files.

The Xtreamer Media Player is a very easy-to-use device but it is the purpose of this article to help you to start using it quickly and to point you to the relevant information about setting up, various features and - if needed - problem troubleshooting.

First of all the player's User Manual can be found online and has been translated to several languages. Download it HERE.
Please note, that you need Adobe Acrobat in order to view the file.

Do check our site for firmware updates - they frequently bring new features and bug fixes and are released on a fairly regular basis.

And check out Xtreamer4dummies video guides

For articles about second generation Xtreamer players (SideWinder 2 and Prodigy) please refer to this section.

Xtreamer Policies

Please refer to these articles for:

Xtreamer.net site terms of use

Xtreamer Warranty

Warranty Limitations

Sales and Refunds Policy

Return Material Authorization - RMA


How to format a hard drive

Hard drive Installation

Must you install an HDD?

List of Compatible Hard Disks

All Xtreamer Downloads

Setting Up

Setting Up Wireless Connection

Setting Up Wired Connection

How to Setup FTP

Xtreamer Network Guide

Network Sharing Articles

*Win XP
*Win Vista

General Tips - HDMI

DDNS setup

Firmware Upgrade and Emergency Firmware Procedure

Firmware downloads

Firmware upgrade and emergency firmware procedure

Various Xtreamer features

Xtreamer Remote Control. Basic features

Media Library - remote control functions

Main Menu and Settings Menus

What Xtreamer Internet Menu looks like?

Internet Radio

Custom Internet Service Content

Custom look for the main menu

Controlling the Xtreamer from your PC

User-defined subtitles fonts

Subtitles browser

Cover art and movie posters

Folder Lock feature


Controlling your Xtreamer from an iPhone

Web Interface - File Manager

Xtreamering Guide

Mounting Xtreamer in Windows


Xtreamer Modifications

Xtreamer Modders' Wiki

Xtreamer Modding

Xtreamer Live!

Xtreamer Mod Pack

Xtreamer Skin Browser

iXtreamer Dock Guide


Basic Xtreamer Troubleshooting

Network Guide

Xtreamer Doesn't Start

Xtreamer Recovery Procedure

Wireless Troubleshooting

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