Xtreamer Support System

Xtreamer Live!


Xtreamer Live is a community effort to utilise and enhance the internet features of the Xtreamer & Xtreamer Pro. It includes hundreds of live Internet feeds - movies, shows, actual TV channels, music, fashion, technology programs, adult content and so on and so forth. Some other community projects are included as well - such as Xtreamer skin browser and JukeBox project.


Xtreamer forum moderator Cap is coordinating this project but there are many contributors.



Xtreamer Live

Xtreamer RSS Guide by Cap

From 2.4 version you can download the custom internet content via Xtreamer interface.

Channel List / Guide

Live TV
Live TV - UK (12 Channels)
Live TV - Arab (72 Channels)
Live TV - Germany (2 Channels)
Entertainment Channel (20 Channels)
Kids Channel (5 Channels)
Movie Channel (11 Channels)
Music Channel (11 Channels)
News Channel (9 Channels)
Sport Channel (4 Channels)
Xtreamer - New Live Feeds (Unsorted) (4)

Community Tools
Skin Manager 0.3
Radio Stations
RSS Movie Browser
PHP Movie Jukebox

Social Networks

News & Discussions
BoingBoing TV
Car Pool - Llewtube
Euronews - No Comment
Ted Talks

TV Shows & Movies
Welph - TV Shows
-Family Guy
-South Park
-The Pacific
-The Simpsons
-V 2009
Welph - Full Movies
-Selection of recent & classic movies
Archive Classic Movies
Film Trailers
iC Movie Trailers
Movies you may have missed
TrailerCast HD - 720p
TrailerCast HD - 1080p

Comedy & Entertainment
A-List - Butterscotch.com
Anime TV
Best Ads on TV
Best of YouTube
College Humor
Happy Tree Friends
Onion News Network
Scam School
The Digg Reel
Tiki Bar TV

Music & Lifestyles
Xtreamer Music Videos (XMV)
Shoutcast - Top 10 (April 2010)
Best of VH1
Epic Fu Music
Chill Room HD
Future Living
Mod TV
MommyCast Videos
Music Video Cast
Peaceful Landscapes
Rock Label TV

Food & Drinks
Around the World in 80 Dishes
Budget Health Nut
Cocktails on the Fly
Cooks Illustrated
Epicurious: Food and Drink
Fork You
Food Guru
Food Science
HowCast Food and Drink
SBS Food
Simply Ming
Start Cooking
Stump the Chef

Sports & Games
Best of Fuel TV
GamesWeasel TV
Gametrailers.com – Previews
Gametrailers.com – Reviews
HBO Boxing
Howcast Fun & Games
Moto GP
Sports Car 27
Vod Cars
Wii Game Review
X-Play Daily

Wildlife & Nature
Earth Touch Highlights
Marine Channel
Moremi Lions Channel
National Geographic Channel
PBS Nature

Technology & Education
App Judgement
Cat5 Technology TV
Geek Brief
Hak 5
Harvard Business – Ideacast
HD Nation
Mac Break
Math Train TV
Nasa TV
PC World
Science Friday
UC Berkeley - Webcasts

Travel & International
Alaska HDTV
City By City
Disneyland – Mouse Magic
Finding America
London Landscape TV

Adult Channel
Xtreamer XXX Surprise
XXX - Live TV
French Maid TV

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