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How do i access and use Xtreamer Web GUI?

In order to connect to the Xtreamer Web GUI you have to make sure both your Xtreamer and a PC are connected to the same home network. You can also connect from outside the home network (from Internet) if you setup DDNS.

Simply enter local IP (or in case of Internet access - your DDNS address) into your browser

to access the Web GUI.

Using the Xtreamer Web Server gives you the opportunity to access files on your player, remotely control Xtreamer, setup some advanced features and services and so on.

Set-up menu




Allows you to set ID and PWD to restrict access to the Web Server.


- you can register DDNS or change it to Xtreamer anywhere, anytime by using the free DDNS, [*****.myxtreamer.net].


- Change HTTP Port (Default Value: 80).

- It changes HTTP Port if 80 Port isn’t supported, e.g. 8080.

- For instance, the case of Korea, if you access from external, you need to change 80 port due to it is blocked by Korea communication service. (Router port forwarding value is equal).


It changes FTP connection port number (Default value : 21).


- It provides adding user specified RSS address when you use Xtreamer Live.

- Web port default value must be 80.

- Live keyword: This button enables you to connect “make” button on Xtreamer key board input screen.

- If you use keyword function, you can enter and search in multi-languages.


It saves or restores UPnP setting value.


It changes language for UPnP media server.

NAS Mode

It blocks TV output from Xtreamer so that more stable network environment can be provided.

NFS Client

It mounts NFS File System. Generally, it enables you to use the file system only for NAS Server product by mounting.


It changes Network Group, and hostname of Xtreamer in Network.

(Default Value : myxtreamer)

TV Skin

It changes or restores GUI skin.

File Manager

Xtreamer Web Server has a built-in File Manager you can use to download and upload files to the player, play them, rename and so on.




It shows solely video files.


It displays only audio files.


It shows solely photos files.


It displays all files.


It provides managing Mylist, [Media Library] – [Mylist].


It uploads files. Several files you will be able to upload at a time.

File Manager

It enables you to create new folder, change name, copy, move, and delete.

All the functions are easy and very intuitive.

Virtual Remote Control applications

Xtreamer Web Server also gives you access to 2 virtual Remote Control apps. You can use them to control your player from your PC or iPhone\iPod Touch.

These applications allow you to do anything your remote control does.

Including accessing Network Shares and taking screenshots from the TV.

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