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Xtreamer Wonder Plus - Lollipop update

Feb 15 2016 09:30 | XtreamerAdmin  in Articles -----
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Dear Friends and Valued Customers,

We are happy to bring you a full revision of the Xtreamer Wonder Plus firmware based on Android Lollipop OS.
Your device will now be optimized for use with a remote control and the latest Leanback function. Google promise Leanback is all about letting you sit back, relax and be entertained. Videos tailored to your interests play as soon as you visit the site and they play in full screen and high definition, continuously. There’s no need to click, search, or browse, unless you want to, of course. Watching YouTube becomes as easy as watching TV.

While Xtreamer is probably one of the first if not the only vendor to offer this kind of major updated firmware for their Amlogic s812H systems, while most of our competitor vendors from China focus on price and very low level of Western community support, we believe this update will allow you to appreciate the new TV Home screen as a fantastic interface if you’re happy living within Google’s approved app ecosystem. But if you use many sideloaded apps, or even if you just use KODI a lot, having quick access to unapproved apps through a replacement launcher is extremely handy. This is why we added the Sideload launcher.

We hope you will find this update as turning your Xtreamer Wonder Plus to a new device bought from new. We deliver you this update so as to put all Wonder users to the same level of software as our wonder Pro customers.

Enjoy it, share your experience, help us making it better and remember: Xtreamer, Why pay more?

New System Features

- [NEW] New Android for TV version 5.1.1 Lollipop
- [NEW]New Apps like YouTube, Hulu Plus and NBA Game Time put personalized recommendations for videos, shows and sports in your home screen.
- [NEW] Option to Cast movies & TV shows, music, games, sports and more — from Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, or Chromebook to your TV. Just tap the Cast button on your mobile app to start playing on your TV.
- [NEW] Optimized for ANDROID TV APPS
- [NEW] New Android TV Launcher - Android TV features a special user interface that’s adapted for the living room
- [NEW] New YouTube for TV
- [NEW]New Google play for TV ( To install a non-TV apps use your pc web browser and select “install to Xtreamer wonder)
- [NEW] Homepage search box
- [NEW] Voice Search – requires you to enable remote and use your mobile
- [NEW]Improved graphics - inside Android Lollipop, Google has added a graphics-specific “Android extension pack,” which will offer “PC gaming graphics in your\ pocket.” The pack means games will feature more advanced shaders, improved lighting, realistic reflections, and some clever smoke effects
- [NEW] More speed and smoother.
- [NEW] Improved RAM management
- [NEW] New Pluto TV live TV channels
- [NEW] New Material design
- [NEW] YouTube for Kids added
- [NEW] YouTube for Games Added
- [NEW] Integrated SideLoad Launcher - A simple app that shows you the normal app launcher icons that a phone or tablet would show you, but which are hidden on Android TV, allowing you to launch any side loaded app!
- [NEW] New advanced Settings
- [NEW] Added Twitch TV
- [NEW] Setup Wizard Added
- [NEW] Added Support for Android TV Remote (Download to your mobile from Google Play Store, install and enable in the Wonder settings)
- [NEW] Added Live Streams Fix Button in Settings->Live Stream Fix
- [NEW] Added File Manager with Leanback support: you can now browse shared folders in your local network
- [NEW] Added Leanback support. Most apps that were designed for TV will support now navigation with remote control.
- [NEW] Settings added – Xtreamer
- [NEW] over scan option for zooming in Apps
- Build.prop tweaking
- Updated Google framework
- Unlocked the low CPU frequency scaling and the governor type.
And more...

KODI Features

KODI 15.2 Isengard pre-installed and pre-optimized to work with the Xtreamer Wonder HW and system.
-Added Fusion
-Added SuperRepo
-Added KODI Repo
-Added Abeksis Repo
-Added Xunity Repo
-Extra permissions granted to KODI
-Advancedsettings.xml file tweaked for smoother performance
-New SONPRC Settings.SetSettingValue method added

Bug Fixes

- [FIX] System resolution is set to 1080P
- [FIX] Code cleanup & optimized for Xtreamer Wonder
- [FIX] DPI set to 320 (some apps not supporting this DPi settings and may crash)
- [FIX] Fixed Play Store Button on Air Mouse Pro
- [FIX] Fixed Ethernet MAC Change Every Reboot
- [FIX] Added New Settings (Host Mode -> Device Mode) in Settings->Device Info
- [FIX] Fixed Black Screen after Setup Wizard
- [FIX] Xtreamer Recovery Animation
- [FIX] All Functions of Wonder Pro Firmware
- [FIX] Small Branding Fixes
- [FIX] Network Fixes
- [FIX] CPU Governor Changed To Interactive
- [FIX] Lowest CPU Clock Set to 408 MHz instead of 96 MHz
- [FIX] Fixed Constant Load of CPU
- [FIX] Fixed Even More Black Screen Apps
- [FIX] Native Android AOSP virtual keyboard bug fix;
- [FIX] HDMI-CEC fixes (device wakeup from TV's now enabled)
- [FIX] HDMI output status spoofing;
- [NEW] Added key layout profiles for Xtreamer Airmouse Pro
- [FIX] Reboot Icon in Launcher Settings Row
- [FIX] Faster Pointer Speed
- [FIX] Setup Wizard Xtreamer Background
- [NEW] Added 1080p@24Hz mode; (Amlogic still haven't perfect it, treat it as experimental at the moment please)
- [NEW] Setup Wizard Skip + Phone Login Added
- [NEW] OTA App Xtreamer Background
- [FIX] Amlogic OMX video decoder update;
- [FIX] Improved eMMC read/write performance;
- [FIX] System's VPN fixes;
- [FIX] Fixed Issue with Download Provider UI Not Working
- [NEW] Downloads Button in Launcher Settings Row
- [FIX] Fixed Layout Issue with Reboot Button
- [FIX] Fixed Black Screen after Setup Wizard on Ethernet
- [FIX] Fixed Apk Install with Download Button
- [FIX] Static Mac for Ethernet (In UI it will show different Mac but real will always be static)
- Possible fix for standby\waking issue
- Other Minor Changes

Installation Procedure

• Please note that mouse/AirMouse support on the main screen is limited.
• Please note this is still a work in progress and we will improve it upon your feedback and requests.
• Please note this update will require a full wipe of all your current system settings and accounts. We recommend you to backup any important data before you start the process.

If you do not like the new ecosystem downgrading to KitKat version 4.4.2 is possible via full manual firmware installation procedure.

Installation Notes

The OTA will be available in a couple of days

Please note that the update is available over the air (OTA). The system will notify you of a new update and then you will be able to download. After a download the system will restart and automatically install the update.
Please be patient and make sure the device is powered during the update procedure.

Manual installation procedure

** This update should be performed using a USB disk formatted to FAT32. We recommend using a smaller one up-to 4GB. Your Xtreamer wonder regards it as an external storage/udisk


(1) STEP 1: Download the update zipped file from here: http://download.xtre...THIS_FOLDER.zip

(2) STEP 2: Extract the file to your PC

(3) STEP 3: Copy the extracted zip file content to the root of a USB disk that was formatted to a FAT32 (NTFS will not work). We recommend using a smaller USB sticks (4GB for example)

(4) STEP 4: In this stage we will try let the update script to try wiping your system and installing itself automatically within the RECOVERY mode of the machine. In order to do this we need you to go into recovery mode.

Follow these steps to go into recovery:
(1) Insert your USB disk into one of the USB hosts slot in your Xtreamer Wonder Plus.
(2) Connect the HDMI cable to the TV and your Wonder and make sure the TV is on
(3) Remove the power cable from the Xtreamer wonder
(4) At the back of your Wonder you will see a tiny hole under the network port. Use a sharp toothpick or a paperclip and push the tiny reset button next inside this hole, continue push it while you insert the power cable to its place. Keep pressing the reset button and now watch the screen for the operation to start. It may take 5-10 secs to start. When you will see on the screen the Android logo you can remove the toothpick from the RESET button.

* If for some reason your machine failed the update process automatically - You can still perform the update the manual way. Go into Recovery mode using the toothpick and RESET method described above. First: wipe factory reset and clean cache partition. Then go back to the Main Menu of the Recovery screen and Select install update from external storage===>udisk… And select the zip file you copied to the USB. Select install and wait 10 min for the process to be done. The machine will restart automatically. Please be patient and don't interrupt the process.

(5) STEP 5: The machine will restart itself once the update operation will be complete. It will install some apps and then the Setup Wizard will be shown on the screen.

(6) STEP 6: The Setup Wizard will let you select your system language and supposed to setup your keyboard accordingly. Due to a small bug in the script sometimes the keyboard will not be enabled at this stage. If so, please wait for 2 min. It will work as in some cases AOSP built-in keyboard requires some time to initialize. Or you can skip all steps in the Setup Wizard, go to the Wonder Settings—>Keyboard and set the Android AOSP language to English and/or add more languages. Once keyboard is enabled and configured manually - you can go and setup your network connection and Google account.

(7) STEP 7: VERY IMPORTANT!!!! Setup the Xtreamer Wonder Time and Date. Ignoring this step will result in failure of Google services to function properly.

Please note that during the first boot the Wonder will restart your Wi-Fi module.

* Your Xtreamer Wonder will now run the new modern Android TV ecosystem. It comes built in with native supported for apps that were designed according to the latest Google API for TV. Not all apps, however, are supported this environment as yet. As we are fully licensed with Google we could not bypass Google requirements for devices environment. The built in Google Play Store is designed to offer you the options to install apps for TV.
If however you still want to install apps that are not listed or shown in the built in google play on TV you can still do this. Simply login to the same account in your PC web browser. Search for your desired application and click Install. Even if the application is already installed on other devices. Then you will be shown on the screen the option to select a target device for your installation : select Xtreamer Wonder. The application will be installed to your device. Use the SIDE LAUNCHER to explore all the apps in your wonder.

* You can enjoy fully the ability to stream the device content from iOS by installing AIRPIN PRO. The version pre-installed inside this version we updated is limited but still working. Open the AirPin and enable the service. In your iOS you will be presented with an option to use Airplay.

* If you want to mirror your Android phone on your TV you can do it with the built in Miracast application. Open the application. Go to your mobile settings and search for Wi-Fi display or screen mirroring in Wi-Fi or Display Settings section. Follow the screen for instructions.

* Enable Remote in the Wonder system settings page and use your Android mobile to install from Google Play the Android TV Remote Control from this link : https://play.google....droid.tv.remote

We full appreciate the hard work and effort made by our wonderful community and beta testers groups.
Special thanks to: Apkfreak and his team members, to the freaktab community for their clever inputs and insight and of course to the wonderful community members of KODI, KODI Germany and Kodiisrael.net and kodi.co.il, the skinners, mod developers and designers.

We welcome sponsorship requests from developers' skinners and Facebook group admins of enthusiasts in KODI community, Facebook and forums.
You are more than welcome to contact us to discuss ways how we can help your group to grow and development to enhance.


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15 February 2016 - 15:53
Did as above, now my Xtreamer will not work. Just after select language comes "Select your Wi-Fi network" and I can not go any further. Someone please help!
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