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Xtreamer Download "Bible" - All the links in one place.

Sep 19 2010 08:13 | XtreamerAdmin  in Downloads and Useful Apps -----
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Dear All, because the community and the entire Xtreamer portal have grown so much in the last several months we occasionally get complains that people have problems to find some program or a utility. This is why we decided to create this thread with all the links to firmware, software and most popular utilities and applications.
Feel free to add anything you think relevant and may help the others.

Thank you


Xtreamer Media Players

Firmware Download and development

User Manuals:

Please remember that each model of Xtreamer player has its own firmware!

Any mention of "HD audio" features does not apply to the original Xtreamer Mk1

Warning to all "Non" SideWinder2 and Prodigy 3D owners:
Do not try to install the SideWinder2 or Prodigy 3D firmware on the Xtreamer Mk1, XtreamerPro, Xtreamer SideWinder, iXtreamer or XtreamerDVD (ie: Realtek RT1283xx chip-set based players).
You will void your warranty and destroy your player.

Warning to all SideWinder2 and Prodigy 3D owners:
Do not try to install firmwares that were specifically designed for use with Realtek RT1283xx chip-set based players (See players mentioned above).
You will void your warranty and destroy your SideWinder2.

Firmware releases for Prodigy 3D

Open Beta 3.0.3
Download link - http://download.xtre...0.1.3.r7200.rar

For details please refer to THIS POST

This is a beta. Install at your own risk.

Ver 3.0.0
Download link - http://download.xtre...igy/install.zip

Update Firmware:
For regular and emergency procedure please refer to this article - http://shop.xtreamer...treamer+Prodigy

Change Log:

Version 3.0.x releases for SideWinder 2

Ver 3.0.11
Update Firmware: http://download.xtre...SW2_3.0.11.xtr2

The release fixes the issue with video preview mode crash.

Emergency Firmware: If you need to run the emergency firmware rename the file to install_sw2.emg and run the regular procedure.

Ver 3.0.10
Update Firmware: http://download.xtre...SW2_3.0.10.xtr2

Fixed: Internal HDD detection.
Fixed: System crashes during booting system.
Fixed: Automatic WiFi connection after reboot.

Emergency Firmware: If you need to run the emergency firmware rename the file to install_sw2.emg and run the regular procedure.

Ver 3.0.9
Update Firmware: http://download.xtre..._SW2_3.0.9.xtr2
Emergency Firmware: If you need to run the emergency firmware rename the file to install_sw2.emg and run the regular procedure.

Change Log:
* Navigate and select background music while running the image slideshow.
* Xtreamering Youtube link is replaced with MyxLive app.
* Fixed: System freeze when pressing the Dock remote button.
* Fixed: Incorrect links on HOME shortcut screen.
* Fixed: Crashes during boot-time when pressing buttons on the remote.

Ver 3.0.8
Update Firmware: http://download.xtre..._SW2_3.0.8.xtr2
Emergency Firmware: If you need to run the emergency firmware rename the file to install_sw2.emg and run the regular procedure.

Change Log:
1. New: Online Scraper for Movies.
2. New: Download Movies Subtitle.
3. Fixed: Thai subtitle.
4. Fixed: Airplay on iOS5.
5. Fixed: Disable ScreenSave on Xtreamering.
6. Fixed: If user press "Play" button on the folder, Xtreamer play all of sub-folder(Limit of depth: 5).
7. Fixed: Network Shares in Favorites.
8. Fixed: Incorrect display viewer in History category.
9. Removed: Information function and Icon on Setup Menu.
10. Function menu changes.

Ver 3.0.7
Update Firmware: http://download.xtre..._SW2_3.0.7.xtr2
Emergency Firmware: If you need to run the emergency firmware rename the file to install_sw2.emg and run the regular procedure.

Change Log:
- Fixed: Photo slideshow.
- Improved: When select Media Source->DVD(external ODD), display to select popup window which is whether Browser or Play.
- Fixed: Change Icon for invalid photo file in photo thumbnail viewer.
- Changed: External DVD auto play is disabled before enabled.

Ver 3.0.6
Update Firmware: http://download.xtre..._SW2_3.0.6.xtr2
Emergency Firmware: If you need to run the emergency firmware rename the file to install_sw2.emg and run the regular procedure.

Change Log:
- Fixed: DTS 7.1 ch.
- Fixed: Some of movie files don't output sound and stop playback.

Ver 3.0.5
Update Firmware: http://download.xtre..._SW2_3.0.5.xtr2
Emergency Firmware: If you need to run the emergency firmware rename the file to install_sw2.emg and run the regular procedure.

Change Log:
- Fixed: crash system after changing OSD language.

Ver 3.0.4
Update Firmware: http://download.xtre..._SW2_3.0.4.xtr2
Emergency Firmware: If you need to run the emergency firmware rename the file to install_sw2.emg and run the regular procedure.

Change Log:
- 1. Network information and UI bug.
- 2. Multiplex display incorrectly and improved speed.
- 3. NAS mode fixed
- 4. DVD backup function.
- 5. UI sound.

Ver 2.7.1

Update Firmware: http://download.xtre...r-Pro_2.7.1.zip
Emergency Firmware: will be added soon

Update Firmware: http://download.xtre...eamer_2.7.1.zip
Emergency Firmware: http://download.xtre..._ixtr_2.7.1.zip

Airplay support

Ver 2.7.0
Xtreamer Mk1 & SideWinder
Update Firmware: http://download.xtre...eamer_2.7.0.zip
Emergency Firmware: http://download.xtre...cy_XT_2.7.0.zip

Update Firmware: http://download.xtre...r-Pro_2.7.0.zip
Emergency Firmware: http://download.xtre...y_pro_2.7.0.zip

Update Firmware: http://download.xtre...eamer_2.7.0.zip
Emergency Firmware: http://download.xtre..._ixtr_2.7.0.zip

Update Firmware: http://download.xtre...r_DVD_2.7.0.zip
Emergency Firmware: http://download.xtre...y_dvd_2.7.0.zip

* xFacebook - now you can get access to the most popular social network
* Newly compiled php with CURL, OpenSSL and Hash support

Ver 2.6.0
Xtreamer Mk1 & SideWinder:
Update Firmware: http://download.xtre...eamer_2.6.0.zip
Emergency Firmware: http://download.xtre...cy_XT_2.6.0.zip

Update Firmware: http://download.xtre...r-Pro_2.6.0.zip
Emergency Firmware: http://download.xtre...y_pro_2.6.0.zip

Update Firmware: http://download.xtre...eamer_2.6.0.zip
Emergency Firmware: http://download.xtre..._ixtr_2.6.0.zip

Update Firmware: http://download.xtre...r_DVD_2.6.0.zip
Emergency Firmware: http://download.xtre...y_dvd_2.6.0.zip

New Features
* Music JukeBox - use your Grooveshark account to browse and play music
* DVD backup
* 3TB drives support
and more - http://forum.xtreame...rmware-release/

Ver 2.5.4
Xtreamer Mk1 & SideWinder:
Update Firmware: http://download.xtre...eamer_2.5.4.zip
Emergency Firmware: http://download.xtre...cy_XT_2.5.4.zip

Update Firmware: http://download.xtre...r-Pro_2.5.4.zip
Emergency Firmware: http://download.xtre...y_pro_2.5.4.zip

Update Firmware: http://download.xtre...eamer_2.5.4.zip
Emergency Firmware: http://download.xtre..._ixtr_2.5.4.zip

Dock Firmware: http://download.xtre.../Dock_0.1.4.zip

* PHP recompiled
* Blu-Ray playback improvement
* HD Audio playpack improvement
* Various iXtreamer dock control improvements.
For more information - http://forum.xtreame...rmware-release/

Ver 2.5.2
Xtreamer Mk1 & SideWinder:
Update Firmware: http://download.xtre...eamer_2.5.2.zip
Emergency Firmware: http://download.xtre...cy_XT_2.5.2.zip

Update Firmware: http://download.xtre...r-Pro_2.5.2.zip
Emergency Firmware: http://download.xtre...y_pro_2.5.2.zip

Emergency Firmware - http://download.xtre..._ixtr_2.5.2.zip

* Xtreamering - new section for all the Internet community projects and official feeds and news
* Sub-folder playback
* Automatic update fixed.
* Windows Live Essentials 2011 - partially fixed. You can access your shares via Media Library -> Net

Ver 2.4.2
Xtreamer Mk1 & SideWinder:
Update Firmware: http://download.xtre...eamer_2.4.2.zip
Emergency Firmware: http://download.xtre...cy_XT_2.4.2.zip

Update Firmware: http://download.xtre...r-Pro_2.4.2.zip
Emergency Firmware: http://download.xtre...y_pro_2.4.2.zip

Bugs fixed:

1. No video output for MKV files with Compressed Headers
2. Progressive JPG support
3. Resolution, FPS, Current time and subtitle issues for some BD ISO files

Ver 2.4.1
Xtreamer Mk1 & SideWinder:
Update Firmware: http://download.xtre...eamer_2.4.1.zip
Emergency Firmware: http://download.xtre...gency_2.4.1.zip

Update Firmware: http://download.xtre...r-Pro_2.4.1.zip
Emergency Firmware: http://download.xtre...y_pro_2.4.1.zip

Version 2.4.1 introduced several important bug fixes and
• Enhanced controls for online video streaming.

For more information - http://www.xtreamer..../ver-2-4-1.aspx

Ver 2.4
Xtreamer Mk1 & SideWinder:
Update Firmware: http://download.xtre...eamer_2.4.0.zip
Emergency Firmware: http://download.xtre...y_pro_2.4.0.zip

Update Firmware: http://download.xtre...r-Pro_2.4.0.zip
Emergency Firmware: http://download.xtre...y_pro_2.4.0.zip

Ver 2.4 introduced almost 30 new features including:
• HD Audio Passthrough
• Improved Audio Streaming
• Enhanced Web UI
• Subtitles Browser
• New streaming formats
• Direct firmware upgrades (INTERNET -> CHECK FOR UPGRADES)
• Xtreamer Movie Jukebox added to the menu
• Recently Watched Movies option in Media Library
• NTP Client
• Hard Disk spin-down settings
And many more

For more information - http://www.xtreamer....re/ver-2-4.aspx

Ver 2.3.1
Xtreamer Mk1 & SideWinder:
Update Firmware: http://download.xtre...eamer_2.3.1.zip
Emergency Firmware: http://download.xtre...cy_XT_2.3.1.zip

Update Firmware: http://download.xtre...r_pro_2.3.1.zip
Emergency Firmware: http://download.xtre...y_pro_2.3.1.zip

There were also a couple of factory default firmware version for XtreamerPro (few minor tweaks but basically the same as 2.3.1 version):
2.3.2 - http://download.xtre...r_pro_2.3.2.zip
2.3.3 - http://download.xtre...r_pro_2.3.3.zip

A few bug fixes for version 2.3 related to crashes while browsing Internet section\
For more information: http://www.xtreamer..../ver-2-3-1.aspx

Ver 2.3
Xtreamer Mk1 & SideWinder:
Update Firmware: http://download.xtre...treamer_2.3.zip
Emergency Firmware: http://download.xtre...ency_XT_2.3.zip

• Major changes to WEB UI and virtual remote control applications allowing to play movies and take screenshots remotely etc.
• Playlist Autorun Feature
• Several important bug fixes
For more information: http://www.xtreamer....re/ver-2-3.aspx

Ver 2.2
Xtreamer Mk1 & SideWinder:
Update Firmware: http://download.xtre...treamer_2.2.zip
Emergency Firmware: http://download.xtre...ency_XT_2.2.zip

Ver 2.2 introduced quite a few new and exciting features including:
• DVD/Blue-Ray folder autoplay
• Blue-Ray navigation
• Ken Burns effect for your slideshows
• Ability to change skins to custom images
• Wireless network performance improvements
And many more

For more information: http://www.xtreamer....re/ver-2-2.aspx

Ver 2.1.3
Xtreamer Mk1 & SideWinder:
Update Firmware: http://download.xtre...eamer_2.1.3.zip
Emergency Firmware: http://download.xtre...cy_XT_2.1.3.zip

Version 2.1.3 introduced the ability to mount NFS shares via WEB UI as well as some important bug fixes

For more information: http://www.xtreamer..../ver-2-1-3.aspx

Ver 2.1.2
Xtreamer Mk1 & SideWinder:
Update Firmware: http://download.xtre...eamer_2.1.2.zip
Emergency Firmware: http://download.xtre...cy_XT_2.1.2.zip

Several bug fixes
For more information: http://www.xtreamer..../ver-2-1-2.aspx

Ver 2.1.1
Xtreamer Mk1 & SideWinder:
Update Firmware: http://download.xtre...eamer_2.1.1.zip
Emergency Firmware: http://download.xtre...cy_XT_2.1.1.zip

Several important bug fixes including:
• Audio passthrough issues
• Black screen in 1080p mode
• Incorrect Zoom settings etc
For more information: http://www.xtreamer.net/downloads/xtreamer/firmware/ver-2-1-1.aspx"]http://www.xtreamer..../ver-2-1-1.aspx

Ver 2.1
Xtreamer Mk1 - Only:

Version introduced over a dozen new features. Among them:
• Favorites are added to the main menu
• Network Shares added to the Media Library menu
• eTRAYz auto search and mount option added
• User subtitles font support and enhanced subtitles controls
• Web UI enhancements
• HDMI options added Etc
For more information: http://www.xtreamer.net/downloads/xtreamer/firmware/ver-2-1.aspx"]http://www.xtreamer....re/ver-2-1.aspx

Ver 2.0.2
Xtreamer Mk1 - Only:

Minor bug fixes
For more information: http://www.xtreamer.net/downloads/xtreamer/firmware/ver-2-0-2.aspx"]http://www.xtreamer..../ver-2-0-2.aspx

Ver 2.0.1
Xtreamer Mk1 - Only:

Changes: Several bugs fixed:
• Hebrew and Arabic characters displayed incorrectly
• Internet Radio related crashes
• HDMI handshakes improvements Etc
For more information: http://www.xtreamer..../ver-2-0-1.aspx

Ver 2.0
Xtreamer Mk1 - Only:

Changes: A major update introducing over 40 new features and improvements including:
• New HD user interface
• Important new audio options: DTS MA down-mixing and pass-through, Dolby TrueHD pass-through etc
• Internet Radio added
• Photo thumbnail display added
• Virtual remote control application added to Web UI
• Enhanced multilingual support
• Enhanced music controls
• Manual fan speed settings. And many-many more
For full information: http://www.xtreamer....re/ver-2-0.aspx

Ver 1.0.3.*
Xtreamer Mk1 - Only:

Changes: Over 20 new features
• Folder lock option
• NAS mode added
• Cover art support for music and movies
• Enhanced options for subtitles – color, outline and so on
• Time skip options added. And so on

For more information: http://www.xtreamer....0-3%281%29.aspx

Ver 1.0.2
Xtreamer Mk1 - Only:

• Many new video feeds and channels added to the Internet section
• HDMI audio on/off option
• Many new formats supported
• Improved UI
• Enhanced DVD navigation
• New languages added
• Network performance improved. And many other improvements

For more information: http://www.xtreamer..../ver-1-0-2.aspx

Ver 1.0.1
Xtreamer Mk1 - Only:
Emergency firmware: http://download.xtre...cy_XT_1.0.1.zip

*** Emergency version 1.0.1 is very good for fixing persistent problems. Flash your player with 1.0.1 emergency and then re-upgrade to the most current version ***

First update introduced several new and important features, 19 languages were added.
For more information: http://www.xtreamer..../ver-1-0-1.aspx

Xtreamer Utilities and Applications

Xtreamer WiFi Antenna drivers

Download them here: http://download.xtre...r_Wifi_2010.zip

Supported Operation Systems:
Windows 2k
Windows XP X36
Windows XP X64
Windows Vista X36
Windows Vista X64
Windows 7 X36
Windows 7 X64

Xtreamer uPnP Automatic Finder

This useful Xtreamer application allows you to have an easier access to the UPnP Server and its full power.
Download: http://download.xtre...FinderSetup.zip

Community Projects

Xtreamer Windows Connector

This program will automatically detect your Xtreamer and you will be able to mount it as local hard drive with 1 click on your Windows PC.
Download: http://download.xtre...r_Connector.zip

Made by Spare


Exciting project created by a team of community developers.
This project is a community effort to utilize and enhance the internet features of the Xtreamer & Xtreamer Pro to show what can be done with these excellent devices.
Follow the instructions at the forum to add more Live internet content to your device and make the most of the streaming function of your Xtreamer.

One of the features introduced in 2.4ver is an ability to download XtreamerLive! straight from the Xtreamer UI.

You can download Live! from your Xtreamer via INTERNET -> CHECK FOR UPDATES or
Download here - http://download.xtre...xLive/xLive.zip

Live! Slovenian Package - http://forum.xtreame...n-za-slovenijo/ (by aspire)

Russian Radio Stations Pack - http://forum.xtreame...dio-collection/ By exe

XtreamerLive icon packs - http://forum.xtreame...ive-icon-packs/ by Jaffa

American pack - http://forum.xtreame...-live-channels/ yuppie

Xtreamer Movie JukeBox

One of the most unique and interesting community projects created by our community.
This feature that allows all Xtreamer users to simply update their device with the ability to navigate their entire media library of movies, photos and Tv shows with a graphical based cover arts and movie info on the fly.

You can download XMJB from your Xtreamer via INTERNET -> CHECK FOR UPDATES or
Download here - http://download.xtre...ox/xJukebox.zip

Windows Share Manager

Windows Share manager is a program which allows you to fix your shares, create new ones and remove them.

Download: http://download.xtre..._manager1.2.zip

Made by Spare


xPuzzle is the first RSS game on Xtreamer

Download: http://www.mediafire...c7ic/xGames.zip
Forum thread: http://forum.xtreame...ame-on-xtreamer

Made by domisilasol

Auto folder Maker

This tool will automatically create a seperate folder of each of your movies.

Download: http://download.xtre...s/FileMover.zip

Made by darkforcejedi

Xtreamer Mod Pack for Xtreamer MK1

As the title states these are some mods created by forum developers.

Download it here: http://code.google.c...b-sdk/downloads
For more information: http://forum.xtreame...reamer_Mod_Pack

xSkins - EXE's Skin Browser for MK1

Very nice application that allows you to install custom skins on your Xtreamer.

Download it here: http://download.xtre...ties/xskins.zip
For more information: http://forum.xtreame...index.php/Skins
And http://forum.xtreame...r-skin-browser/

Custom Radio Stations

You can download the latest official radio stations her - http://download.xtre...dio/MyRadio.zip

Mavvy's list of 20000 radio stations - http://files.mavvy.n...MyShoutcast.zip

Tamil Radio Stations - http://forum.xtreame...radio-stations/ (nramprabhu)

Swedish Radio Pack - http://forum.xtreame...s-radio-kanaler (bega)

Estonian Radio - http://forum.xtreame...ti-netiraadiod/ (Vortex)

Denmark Radio Stations thread - http://forum.xtreame...nske-netradioer

Israeli Radio Stations - http://forum.xtreame...&attach_id=6691 (asafhas)

Live Police, Fire, and EMS Scanner - http://forum.xtreame...nner-for-iradio Repoman


The aim of the application is simply (via RSS) to allow slick and, most importantly, fast navigation of your photos via the XTreamer.

Forum thread - http://forum.xtreame...-video-support/

Download it here: http://www.imagemagi...rg/script/binar



RSS games for Xtreamer as well as custom Radio player and more!

Forum thread: http://forum.xtreame...ame-on-xtreamer
Download : http://download.xtre.../APP/xGames.zip

By domisilasol


Xtreamer Ultra

Everest 1.0 (Ultra OS) - an Ubuntu compilation with various programs and applications

OpenELEC - a small Linux distribution built from scratch as a platform to turn your computer into a complete XBMC media center.

Useful Guides and tutorials

Ultra Quick Installation Guide

XBMC User Guide

Boxee User Guide

Installing Ultra OS on a hard drive



Firmware Download and development

User Manual:

Ver 1.0.7

Full Installer: http://download.xtre...l_installer.zip
Upgrade File: http://download.xtre...rade_100917.zip
- {System}{FAN} added fan stop function when eTRAYz is idle
- {System}{Kernel} supported cifs and smbfs client
- {System}(Kernel} supported posix message queue
- {Perl Modules} added perl module (Deep, Clone, Augeas, Copy, Fcntl, Syslog, Df, Lite, QuotedPrint, DBI, SQLite2, MQ, sense)
- {Monitoring} added resource monitoring function (CPU, Memory, Network, Volume, System Temperature, Fan Speed)
- {e-Torrent} added one rss site (fenopy)
- {e-Torrent} added the detail info display of torrent file
- {e-Torrent} added downloading function by torrent URL
- {Firmware Backup} added downloading function of firmware backup file
- {Firmware Upgrade} added auto refresh function after firmware upgrade
- {eTRAYz Web} added java applet for multiple file upload/download
- {Setting} supported secure SMTP Account
- {Setting} added FAN setting menu
- {e-Connector} added an e-Connector program for mac
- {Web}{Language} Deutsch
For more information – http://www.xtreamer....-ver-1-0-7.aspx

Ver 1.0.5

Full Installer: http://download.xtre...l_installer.zip
Upgrade File: http://download.xtre...rade_100604.bin

- {Installer} OS reinstall without Data partition Formatting
- {Installer} Support Western Digital EARS Disks
- {System} Support inotify-tools
- {Web}{ftp} Changing FTP Port
- {Web}{edownload} Concurrent multi download support
- {Web}{edownload} hotfile.com site support
- {Web}{Language} Italiano, Nederlands, Hebrew
- {Web}{Setting} Update Interval of DDNS
- {Web}{EPKG} TheHijackers APP Installer 2.0
- {e-Connector} {Language} Italiano, Hebrew
- {e-Connector} Searching e-TRAYz in LAN
- {e-Connector} Realtek NIC Driver(Old version) Support
- {e-Connector} NDIS 4 Support
- {e-Connector} supporting Windows 7 (64bit support)
- {EPKG} epkg directory : /home/epkg
For more information -http://www.xtreamer.net/downloads/etrayz/firmware/etrayz-software-ver-1-0-5.aspx

Ver 1.0.4

Full Installer: http://download.xtre...l_installer.zip
Upgrade File: http://download.xtre...rade_100212.bin

1. System
- e-TRAYz detector daemon and client program for finding e-TRAYz within local network.
- Time zone info updated
- perl5, python2.6 updated
- glib-2.0 updated
- httpd.conf bug fixed.
2. Web
- Exception handling: including some exception handling for home partition un-mounted.
- Exception handling: including some exception handling for link copy to support IE and Firefox
3. Windows Application
- Language support: added Japanese.
- Exception handling: including some exception handling for home partition un-mounted.
- e-TRAYz detector client program.
For more information -http://www.xtreamer.net/downloads/etrayz/firmware/etrayz-sfotware-ver-1-0-4.aspx

Ver 1.0.3

Full Installer: http://download.xtre...l_installer.zip
Upgrade File: http://download.xtre...rade_100129.bin

1. System
- Built-in
* autoconf-2.63-r1
* autoconf-wrapper-7
* automake-1.10.2
* automake-wrapper-3-r1
* binutils-2.19.1-r1
* binutils-config-1.9-r4
* bison-2.3
* gcc-4.2.4-r1
* gcc-config-1.4.1
* gdb-7.0
* m4-1.4.12
* make-3.81
- Changes FTP Setting Option : permitted to access /home folder by root
- Supports Samba Security mode changing : User Mode, Share Mode
(Public, External)
- SW Package Installation
* unrar and zip/unzip
* telnet
* phpMyAdmin
* Programming Modules: Curl, GD Library, ImageMagick
* Programming Language: CGI, PHP 5, Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python
* transmission Torrent (/etc/init.d/transmission start/stop)
2. Web
- Built-in
* phpmyadmin-
* grammafone
- {security} prohibits file move to unauthorized folder for general users
- {security} prohibits accessing to unauthoriaed web page for general users
- {e-TRAYz Web} removes sharing menu for general users
- {Setting} adds CIFS share option control
- {Setting} modifies firmware upgrade interface
- {Setting} seperates user interface for gateway of wired and wireless network
- {setting} Supports more stable SMTP server for yahoo and hotmail
- {e-downloader} adds some more error message for downloading failure.
3. Windows Application
- {Installer} adds warning message before HDD formatting.
- {e-TRAYz connector} adds authentication logics for additional sharing mode.
For more information - http://www.xtreamer....-ver-1-0-3.aspx

Ver 1.0.0
Full Installer: http://download.xtre...aller_1.0.0.zip
For more information - http://www.xtreamer....are-ver1-0.aspx

e-TRAYz Community Projects

TheHijacker APP Installer
Easy way to install applications on your e-TRAYz.
Made by TheHijacker

For more information – http://forum.xtreame...tion-installer/


This post will be updated on the regular basis. Please feel free to post your own links, suggestions etc.